1 = aggregate, aggregation, body, set, cache, ensemble.
Ex. The result of this is to provide a distinct class number for an aggregate of subjects which are adjacent in the UDC schedule order.
Ex. We should realize that a library is not simply an aggregation of discrete recorded materials; rather, it represents a collection, or more precisely collection of works.
Ex. The main body of criticism centred upon the treatment of nonbook materials.
Ex. SELECT retrieves records containing the search term or terms you specify and stores them in sets.
Ex. It is known that there were books made from bamboo and wood during the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BC) but none remain today except caches of oracle bones.
Ex. DIANE is the name that has been given to the ensemble of available information services.
* conjunto aleatorio de lógica difusa = random fuzzy set.
* conjunto de conocimientos = body of knowledge.
* conjunto de cosas afines, el = whole schmier, the.
* conjunto de datos = data set [dataset].
* conjunto de intereses = set of interests.
* conjunto de lógica difusa = fuzzy set.
* conjunto de modelos = model base.
* conjunto de música = musical band.
* conjunto de programas = workbench.
* conjunto de valores = set of values.
* conjunto difuso = rough set.
* conjunto documental multimedia = kit, multimedia item.
* conjunto hecho por el propio usuario = custom set.
* conjunto impreciso = imprecise set.
* conjunto integrado de protocolos = a suite of + protocols.
* conjunto musical = musical band.
* conjunto residencial = estate.
* conjuntos de lógica difusa = fuzzy clustering.
* teoría de conjuntos = set theory.
* teoría de conjuntos difusos = fuzzy set theory.
* un conjunto cada vez mayor de = a growing body of.
* un conjunto de = a set of, a suite of, a pool of, an assembly of, a pattern of, a universe of, a harvest of, a complement of.

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